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Portable Test Kits

For regular monitoring of lubrication oil and fuel.
When you are in doubt about the quality of your engine oil and you want to identify in-service problems, or to monitor the condition of any oil - a quick check using a KEYLAND portable Oil Test Kit (usually 50 test) can give you the assurance you need, or prompt you to further investigation. Simple to use Oil Sample Taking equipment is also available and custom Test Kits can be supplied suitable for a combination of test measurements which will enable you to quickly and easily assess:-

The viscosity of an oil, or qualitative go/no go)

The presence of water in oil or fuel
(0 to 20% - several ranges)

Salt water / fresh water contamination
(qualitative go/no go)

Alkalinity/additive level TBN
( 0 to 80 )

Oxidation level
(TAN - 0 to 6)
NB! Transport Regulations apply for the TAN kit

The degree of contamination by combustion products
(insolubles ASTM blotter)

Fuel Compatibility
(ASTM D 4740)

Kits are supplied with an aluminium case (where necessary, ensuring good protection) and come with concise user-friendly instructions and advice on test results. Economical Test Refill Packs are readily available, which contain reagents and all ancillary consumables (syringes, tweezers, disposable gloves, etc). 

There are no transport restrictions for EasySHIP DIGI Kits and they can be loaded onto passenger aircraft for swift delivery to most destinations worldwide.

Please contact us for a complete list of available kits and prices.


Oil and fuel Test Kits

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