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Imports and exports


Special oils, greases, solvents & chemicals.
Oil companies produce many different products worldwide. Frequently a special blend of an internationally branded product or a unique lubricant is marketed by one country’s operating company to meet a specific need. Sometimes this will mean that a UK company will have a requirement for a product that is not available locally.

The reasons for this can be many fold - often quite simply, because an item of equipment has been manufactured abroad, it is necessary to use the recommended grade of lubricant or other product to satisfy the terms of the warranty.

Keyland Services can help in these situations, through our numerous international contacts, and import the correct grade of oil or grease in whatever quantity required.

Special exports worldwide (not necessarily from UK companies) are similarly arranged and we deal with all aspects swiftly and with no hassle.

Import and export of oils and greases

specialised oil import export Shell oil 9156 Shellsol T