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Greasomatic auto luber

GREASOMATIC® is a canister of of lubricant designed to screw into an existing grease nipple socket or other lubrication point and discharge its content in a controlled and continuous flow, for a preselected period between 1 month and 12 months. It is completely self contained, using a unique hermetically sealed gas expulsion unit. Once fitted and activated it will operate without attention until its allotted life span is over.

Independent maintenance surveys show that often labour intensive manual lubrication methods do not prove effective in preventing dry bearings and chain drives, water washout of grease or oil, or in the other extreme, excessive lubrication. All these conditions can lead to premature breakdowns costing a great deal of money in production downtime and cost of replacement parts.

GREASOMATIC® eliminates these problems by giving you the reassurance of a British made, tamper proof, automatic single point lubricator working 24 hours a day [even under water], providing constant controlled lubrication of your machinery with a high performance premium quality grease or oil.

GREASOMATIC® can be used in numerous Industrial and Marine applications. Many accessories are available for special situations such as chain lubrication or remote installation. Technical assistance is always on hand for advice on a specific use or lubrication problem.

GREASOMATIC® has significantly lowered maintenance costs for many of our customers - so why not try it for yourself? - either as your first introduction to autolubers or to compare it with another product.

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Greasomatic single point lubricator

single-point auto luber variable adjustable feed rate automatic lubricator - greasomatic